Eat Your Way To Clear Skin: Foods That Help Prevent Acne Breakouts

Eat Your Way to Clear Skin: Foods That Help Prevent Acne Breakouts

Eat Your Way to Clear Skin: Foods That Help Prevent Acne Breakouts

When those heavily recommended topical creams, face packs, and cleansers don’t work, a diet rich in anti-inflammatory content can help prevent future breakouts.

It’s true. The skin’s health is determined by the quality of food we choose to incorporate into our diet.

Consider adding these nutrient-rich superfoods to combat acne and achieve clearer skin:

  • Green Tea

How about switching your regular cup of coffee to a soothing cup of green tea?

As an antioxidant-rich drink packed with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, green tea might just be the acne superfood of our time.

The antioxidants called Catechins present in green tea help fight free radicals and protect the skin from damage.

A warm, soothing cup of green tea helps get rid of toxins that may contribute to acne breakouts.

  • Spinach

Embrace your leafy greens just like Popeye! Spinach comes loaded with essential vitamins A & C, that aid the growth and repair of skin cells.

Spinach is also a great source of iron, which helps transport oxygen to skin cells for a healthy glow. It continues to be a source abundant in nutrients that support strength and healthy skin.

Its rich content of Vitamin A also acts as an anti-acne agent for inflamed skin.

  • Berries

The antioxidants present in berries like blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries fight free radicals to prevent skin damage.

These fruits come loaded with gut-friendly fiber, digestive enzymes, and immune-boosting antioxidants. All of which promote healthy cell turnover and glowing skin.

A diet rich in antioxidants and delicious berries significantly reduces mild to moderate acne. Being naturally sweet and fibrous, berries help build up your skin’s defense system against flare-ups or inflammation.

  • Avocado 

Vitamin E to the rescue! Avocado is not just a nutritious superfood everyone can’t get enough of it is a good source of Vitamin E for skin. It helps prevent skin from oxidative damage.

As a healthy fat for the skin, it is also abundant with the goodness of Vitamin C, which in turn promotes collagen production.

The contents in Avocado help soothe inflamed skin, making it a perfect anti-acne food to use in smoothies, salads, and as a spread on toast.

  • Salmon 

This fish is possibly the best source of omega-3 fatty acids and an anti-inflammatory acne superfood.

The fatty acids present in salmon can help soothe redness and inflammation. It also provides Zinc minerals for immune-boosting wellness and healthier wound healing.

This can promote healthy blood supply and cell turnover for better, clearer skin.


Acne can be a persistent and frustrating condition to overcome, given how slow visible results are and the time it takes to find a perfect solution, product, or ingredient.

While specific foods cannot promise overnight results, these antioxidant-rich foods will help your skin function better and gain a healthy complexion over time.

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