Embracing a Holistic Approach to Banish Acne Vulgaris Naturally

acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a fairly common skin problem affecting millions worldwide, causing distress and impacting self-perception.

While traditional treatment offers relief, many are now open to trying a holistic method for a natural yet sustainable solution. 

Embracing a holistic approach to acne vulgaris treatment involves addressing the underlying causes and promoting overall health.

In this blog, we explore the benefits of holistic solutions and treatments that help you combat acne vulgaris without inconveniencing your health.

Nourish from Within

Embracing a holistic approach begins with nourishing your body from within.

A balanced diet rich in whole grains, antioxidants, vegetables, fruits, and lean protein boosts skin health. 

Antioxidant-rich fruits like berries, green tea, turmeric, and spinach promote clearer skin by fighting off inflammation and supporting skin healing.

Avoid consuming processed, refined, and sugary foods as they can exacerbate acne conditions and lead to persistent breakouts.

Embrace natural topical treatments

Your holistic approach towards acne vulgaris treatment can benefit from incorporating natural or organic topical applications.

Tea tree oil is an antibacterial remedy known for treating and reducing acne-causing bacteria. Aloe vera helps soothe inflamed skin and promote skin cell repair.

Additionally, using gentle and non-comedogenic skincare products helps maintain a healthy skin barrier.

The mind-body connection

Stress is one of the most common underlying factors behind sudden acne flare-ups. 

Stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness can be greatly beneficial for the skin.

These practices are immensely helpful in managing stress and also help balance or improve hormone levels, promoting clearer-looking skin.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal supplements have gained popularity for helping address acne from within to promote overall skin healing. Popular herbal remedies that address acne breakouts include burdock root, red clover, and dandelion. 

However, it’s wise to consult a dermatologist before incorporating these supplements as they can interfere with other medications for acne vulgaris treatment. 

Sleep and Exercise

Adequate sleep and exercise are the cornerstones of every skincare regimen or self-care practice.

While sleep allows our body to rest and rejuvenate, exercise improves blood circulation, improving skin quality. To avoid sweat or bacteria buildup, make sure to wash your face post exercising. 


Proper hydration is the key to maintaining skin elasticity as it helps flush out toxins from our system. Aim to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


Embracing a holistic lifestyle to treat acne vulgaris can help you unlock clear, healthy skin.

By calming your mind, nourishing your body from within, and adopting natural strategies, you can achieve lasting results while boosting your health.

Remember to find holistic treatments tailored to your skin type, as each skin and its needs are unique and vary from person to person.