Know the Areas Where Acne Frequently Appears


Hair usually frequents certain areas of your body while forsaking other parts, for instance your head, upper lip, chin, chest, parts of your arms and legs and so on. Likewise, acne also tends to appear on certain parts of your body but not others. In this article we will go on a mapping survey of the areas where acne breakouts always take place, why it is so and how to prevent it from appearing.

Why In the same place?

Acne breakouts tend to occur at the same place all the time and the main reason why this happens is because you yourself may be doing precisely what causes the breakouts at the same sport.

For instance, when you read, think or work on your computer, you may be in the habit of sitting ‘chin-in- hand while thinking, put your mobile phone against you chin, face, forehead.

You may be applying makeup or other skin product to the same area. And you do these acquired habits regularly on the same sports.

In addition to these habits, you may have picked up an even worse habit, that of picking or squeezing your pimples. This habit is sure to cause another breakout in that exact same spot.

The reason is the pimples you just squeezed won’t heal correctly and may even spread to the surrounding area. 

Another is that inflammation has gone deeper in the skin and will fester there until it re-appears in a breakout in exactly the same place where you popped your pimple in the first place.

Other factors are sure to set in and add impetus to the breakouts following you practice of squeezing and popping your pimple such as hormonal changes, stress, local irritants and so on.

But not all is lost as long as you have your super bottle close by which you can use to thwart the advancing scourge!



Acne breakouts on the chin and jawline

Acne breakouts on the chin and jawline

When you find pimples suddenly appear on your lower cheek, chin, and jawline, be warned that the lineup formation is dubbed the “hormonal pattern.”

The main culprit for causing the breakout is usually caused by an overreaction of your oil glands in your skin to hormonal changes and reactions of the oil glands to them.

These occurrences may be suddenly caused by stress, consuming too much sugar or dairy products or the perfectly normal process in which women find themselves, the monthly menstrual cycle.

Sometimes women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and have hormonal imbalance  can also suffer from a hormonal pattern of acne breakout

What you can do to treat chin and jawline breakouts

You can do the following:

  • Decrease the quantity of sugar and dairy content in your food
  • Practice meditation especially in the mornings and evenings to reduce stress



Acne breakouts on the neck

Acne breakouts on the neck

This type of acne breakout has a similar causative factor as the breakouts along the jawline and chin. 

They quickly appeared and became viral due to the frantic overreaction of the oil glands of your skin as they reacted against hormonal changes.

What you can do:

At this juncture you should make an attempt to learn more about what causes acne including the different types of food and other factors which are able to trigger an acne breakout from a hormone related reaction of the oil glands.

Discuss this issue with your Dermatologist or pharmacist so that you can obtain the information you need.



Blackheads breakout on the nose

Blackheads breakout on the nose

What are these types of acne? They are simply small blocked pores which are also known as ‘aka open comedones’. 

They turned black due to the exposure to the air of the oil and dead skin cells trapped inside them. 

Blackheads usually pop up on the nose because oil glands are concentrated in the skin on and around the nose (T-Zone).

What you can do:

You might try using a pore strip once or twice weekly such as Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips or Boscia Pore Purifying Charcoal Strips.

You should note though that while the use of the above treatment is recommended for use on your nose, they are too strong and hence too harsh to use for any other facial parts.

Because of the concentration of oil glands in your nose area, it may have more oil than any other part of your face. For this reason you might want to apply a moisturizer more times there than anywhere else.

You can also use the ingredients found in your Curology super bottle to help neutralize the amount of oil that oozes out from your pores.



Acne breakout on the cheeks

Acne breakout on the cheeks

Zits breakout on the cheek is not surprising since it’s one of the more common places for acne to appear for a variety of reasons for which you are primarily the cause:

  • You can’t help it, you just have to touch your cheeks often
  • When you’re answering or calling on the phone, you usually place it against your cheek
  • There’s always a few bacteria running around on the pillow you sleep on at night
  • You wear make up for going out on a date or for a stroll or some other occasion

And the list goes on. There’s no one reason or reasons why acne breaks out on the cheeks. It just happens to like the spot. Perhaps the vantage view spot?

What you can do:

You can minimize the chances of an acne breakout on the cheeks by:

  • Wiping your smartphone perhaps once a week
  • Change your pillow case more often perhaps twice or three times a week



Pimples on the forehead 

Pimples on the forehead 

Pimples that appear on the forehead are the telltale signs that say you are using hair cleansing products such as conditioners or shampoo.

One other possible cause for forehead pimples is pityrosporum, a kind of fungus which is a regular dweller on the skin and can sometimes be mistaken for dandruff  (seborrheic dermatitis), which can invade your face and scalp.

What you can do:

If you experience a breakout of pimples on the forehead there’s very little you can do if you are not using drug medication to treat them. You may try doing these:

  • Check your hair products and make sure not using pore-clogging ingredients such sodium Lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl with coconut oil 
  • Use to quickly identify the ingredients contained in a specific products so you can hive off those that contain 

If you have symptoms for pityrosporum (fungus) or seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) that can clog up your pores with skin flakes, there are some simple treatments such as:

  • Zinc pyrithione soap or shampoo can heal acne along the forehead hairline
  • OTC ketoconazole shampoo should address the flaky, greasy scalp.



Pimples around the mouth zone

Pimples around the mouth zone

Again, you can get a breakout of pimples around your mouth when it comes into contact with toothpaste. The simple reason is toothpaste contains ingredients that clog up your pores.

Two of these pore clogging ingredients are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate

When some people use toothpaste, their skin comes into contact with whitening agents or fluoride which may start an acne breakout.

What you can do:

  • Check your toothpaste to see if the ingredients include sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate. If it does, try looking for another brand.
  • Try changing to SLS-free and Fluoride-free toothpastes and use it for say 2 months.



Bottom line

It’s true that there are many natural remedies for treating acne breakouts and for you, it’s all a matter of knowing what you should do in selecting the best remedy for the specific acne breakout you are having. Really bad acne breakouts can be a disaster that can disable you from engaging in the things you want to do such as playing sport, going out for a picnic with friends or worst still going on a date. You could give this place a shot; we’ve had good luck ordering acne treatments from them in the past.

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