What is the Proper Way for Using Isotretinoin for Acne?


The fight against acne goes on and from the looks of things, into the far distant future, whether the type of treatments used are natural remedies or drug medications.  We’ve covered some of the natural remedies in the previous articles and now we turn our focus to the use of drug medications. Both treatments serve the same purpose but with one notable difference. One causes side effects (drugs) while the other (natural remedies) doesn’t.

What is the Proper Way for Using Isotretinoin for Acne?

What is drug medication Isotretinoin?

Isotretinoin is the ideal drug treatment for very severe acne such as cystic acne (also referred to as nodular acne), which can become dangerous if used incorrectly. 

The drug medication is also known as Accutane which is the brand name for Isotretinoin and belongs to a family of drugs called reltinoids.

The drug medication has been used to treat severe acne when it has not successfully responded to other treatments such as benzoyl peroxide or clindamycin following topical application.

The drug medication has also been used following similar unsuccessful use of treatments of tetracycline or minocycline which are ingested orally.

How is Isotretinoin used for treating severe acne?

This drug medication is by ingesting the capsules through the mouth once or twice daily for a period of 16 to 20 weeks.

When you take the medication in the mouth the Isotretinoin capsules should be swallowed whole and not crushed or chewed.

The curative effect of Isotretinoin involves the ability to decrease the size of the oil glands in the body that produces oil (sebum) in your body thereby reducing the risk of acne development.

It’s also known to reduce the shedding of cells and the way dead skin cells stick together in the hair follicles that form inside your pores.

Isotretinoin has proven to be extremely effective in preventing extensive scarring in patients that suffer from severe acne.

After sustained treatment with Isotretinoin of over 16 to 20 weeks it has been found that 90% of cases involving infection from severe acne dissipated entirely.

In some cases however, a recurrence of severe acne may occur which would require further treatment using Isotretinoin. 

Isotretinoin adverse side effects

While the efficacy of Isotretinoin in treating severe acne is not doubted, it does cause adverse side effects which should either be prevented or treated properly in order to cure them.

The best way to use isotretinoin for the treatment of acne is to swallow the capsules whole without chewing or crushing them.

Swallowing the capsules whole without chewing or crushing them

What you should do before taking Isotretinoin

Before taking this drug medication you should:

  • Read the medication guide which your pharmacist has provided before using and when you refill your supply
  • Read the Patient Information and sign the Informed Consent form before you commence your medication

You should take Isotretinoin in the correct way and you should also be aware of the adverse side effects of this drug medication

You should consult and ask your doctor about this drug medication or if you experience any side effects when you take it.

Provide information

Before taking Isotretinoin you should provide your doctor with information about whether you or any member of your family, have ever had the following infections:

  • Liver disease, 
  • Heart disorder
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma 


You should also inform you doctor if you are allergic to medications especially parabens which are chemicals used in moisturizers, cosmetics and also found in isotretinoin. 

You should also inform your doctor if you are taking any other medications including medications you obtain from over-the-counter drugstores.

Your prescription

  • Your medical condition
  • Your weight
  • Your response to treatment

A sure pathway to recovery

Your prescription as a whole, including the potency or strength of your dose would have been prepared with meticulous care by your pharmacist.

You should therefore regard it as a very important medication especially for you alone so it’s essential for you to do the following:

  • You shouldn’t share it with others
  • Keep the drug medication away from children
  • Take your drug medication during meals
  • Keep your medication in the fridge but keep it away from the sun
  • Don’t store your medication in a very warm place
  • You may not donate your blood while taking Isotretinoin and for at least a month after you stop taking it
  • Don’t be treated by cosmetic procedures for smoothing your skin (e.g. waxing) while taking Isotretinoin and for at least 6 months after you stop taking it
  • Isotretinoin is similar to vitamin A you shouldn’t take vitamin A pills or multivitamins containing vitamin A while you’re taking this drug medication.
  • If you want to take antibiotics, talk to your doctor before you actually start taking it
The strength of your dose would have been prepared with meticulous care by your pharmacist

What to expect during your treatment

You should be aware that during treatment, the dose of Isotretinoin is not the same for everyone and your doctor or pharmacist may change your dose as they see fit.

You should however take your medication exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you on how to take it.

If you happen to miss your dose, you shouldn’t make up for the missed dose by taking extra with your normal dose, or doubling up to make up for dose you missed.

Normally you’ll be expected take your medication over a period of 15 to 20 weeks.

During the early part of your treatment, your acne will usually get worse for a short while.

If this is your problem, your doctor can put you on other medicines together with Isotretinoin.

You should be monitored and checked often by your doctor but this can be made easier if you remain faithful to keep your appointments with your doctor. Your doctor should check your cholesterol levels and liver.


It’s essential for you to understand and be aware of the proper way for using Isotretinoin in order to treat your severe acne successfully, This article has attempted to point out the really pertinent aspects of using this drug medication in the hope that you’ll be able to use the drug medication with due care. By doing so you’d be paving the way for the most effective way in treating your severe acne condition. We have purchased medication from this website, and we are pleased with it.

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